Tyres Strathpine

Replace Your Tyres Now with our Strathpine Tyre Services

Independently owned, our workshop offers wheel alignment and balancing tyre services for Strathpine residents. No matter your circumstances, we can provide you with the tyres you need to get back on the road and ready to tackle the day.

When it comes to your vehicle’s tyres, our team of experts are ready to assist you. Book your car into our workshop to give it the much-needed love and attention it needs to perform at its very best.

Get a wheel balance in Strathpine

If you want to make sure that your car has an ideal wheel alignment and balance, you will need the assistance of a skilled mechanic, like those at MP Auto.

It is necessary to perform wheel alignments and wheel balancing’s periodically. Though the time frame varies according to car model, as professionals, we recommend opting for this service every six months or after 10000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.

We offer services for perfect balancing, as well as for evenly distributing your car’s weight. The rotation of the wheels, the air pressure, and the force involved in this system are all also checked during this time. Our specialists will also double-check that your car runs smoothly and is ready for a trouble-free- drive.

If you are due for a routine tyre inspection in Strathpine or notice anything unusual about the handling of your vehicle, contact the team at MP Auto today.